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The Guides guide to guiding

Be prepared to Guide even better

  • This talk is a tribute to the guides of Africa, prepared to,  past, present and future the lessons I have learnt over the years will be of benefit to you and that they will assist in giving the most important person to our industry, the tourist, a better safari experience
  • Without the tourist there would be very few national parks and safari companies.
  • You and I would be employed in another profession.
  • It is the tourists who come to us with their desires and expectations. Do we fulfil them?
  • I have broken many rules in the ‘principles of guiding’, something of which I am not at all proud
  • I trust that you will be able to learn from my mistakes and avoid having to follow the same path
  • Guiding is much like politics and religion
  • There are basic principles, but many varied opinions and different viewpoints.
  • enjoy this privileged profession as much as I have trust that you will reap the great rewards that it has to offer, in particular those of a closer understanding and connection with wildlife and nature, as well as peace of mind
  • Ever since I can remember, I wanted to be close to nature, green is my color
  • It has indeed been a privilege to be a guide in Africa – Malawi, Botswana, Kenya, Uganda
  • I sincerely hope that those of us who are involved in this profession appreciate how fortunate we are to be paid to experience and share with our fellow men
  • To those of you who have dreamed and fantasized about becoming a guide, to show and share the unlimited wonders that our great continent has to offer, I can assure you, it is all possible.
  • You need only the desire to work with people for many hours of your waking day, a positive attitude, an inquiring mind and a genuine love and appreciation for all things wild.
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