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Frequently Asked Questions

These are list of frequently asked questions. If you still cant get what you are looking for from here, you can contact us or write in the comment below

Q1. Should I register to use the portal?

Answer: No, it is not necessary. Actually, if you just want to locate the guide or accessing the learning material or just reading the discussion forum then you should not register with our portal.

BUT: If you want more access to the portal then you need to register. The registration is free of charge.

Q2. Why do you need my email address?

Answer: We need your email address for password recovery in case you forget it. But for security reason, when your password is changed, we send you email to notify you and give you a chance to cancel the process.

Q3. How can I find the tour guide?

There are several ways pf locating the guide.

  • Using find guide
    • Go to GUIDES >> Find Guides
    • Type what you know about the guide, eg name, association, etc
    • Click search
    • You will get the list of guides according to your criteria
  • Using list of guides
    • Go to GUIDES >> List of Guides
    • Try to locate the guide
    • You can write his/her name on the search box
  • Using guides association
    • If you know the guide association this is the option to use
    • Go to GUIDES >> List Guide Association
    • locate the association
    • then click view member icon in action column
    • locate the guide in the list of guides displayed

Q4. I am a tour guide; do I need to pay to be registered?

Answer: Currently No, But there are costs we are incurring for making this portal running and give you a good service. You can donate to support us.

Q5. How can I apply for tour guiding license?

Answer: Currently we are working with the ministry of tourism to see the proper procedures of application of licenses.

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